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The IRS tax debt relief industry has seen dramatic growth over the past 5 years as many companies have entered the arena to offer help to taxpayers impacted by a sharp increase in IRS tax compliance.

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First, in the initial free consultation, one of our experienced tax negotiation experts will conduct…

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The following section explains basic tax terminology, concepts and procedures currently being used …

Offer in Compromise

For appropriate cases involving IRS tax debt settlements, the IRS will accept a taxpayer …

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Getting a headache thinking about back taxes?

We may be able to reduce the amount you owe and set up affordable monthly payments.

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My Tax Help is a results-driven, full-service tax resolution organization which specializes in helping taxpayers get free of the stress and strain of tax debt. We can help you resolve federal, state, and local tax problems. We work with many businesses, individuals and self-employed taxpayers nationwide. […]