File Delinquent Tax Returns

If you have been avoiding the obligation of filing your tax returns, it is advised that you file delinquent tax returns as soon as possible. The more you delay the payment of taxes, the greater tax liability will be levied on you.

Steps to Follow

  • Gather all information on the previous years in which tax was not paid; make sure all information is correctly filled.
  • Prepare your returns it is important that you prepare the returns properly. You need to seek guidance at this step. Tax Help MD experts can assist in delinquent tax help and file returns properly.
  • It is not possible to e-file the unpaid taxes of previous years, so you should deliver papers by mail or by hand. Even when delivering by mail, you should make sure that mail is sent through a certified mail so that a proof of IRS receipt can be collected.

If you are a debtor of IRS, you will have to pay penalties for late submission of tax returns. IRS helps you to make a payment plan. IRS also gives you the permission to get basic living expense. The amount of living expense that IRS will determine is based on the number of family members in your household and the local standards. The Basic Living Expense comprise of:

  • Housing utilities
  • Transportation Costs
  • Food Expense
  • Clothing Expense
  • Healthcare

If you owe back taxes call Tax Help MD. We may be able to settle your debt for a fraction of what you owe…