Our Tax Services

We have all read the headlines:

Tax relief scams and IRS phishing schemes are on the rise. As a result of a weakened economy, the IRS is more aggressive than ever to collect and tax-burdened Americans are seeking our tax services in solving their IRS problems.

The IRS tax debt relief industry has seen dramatic growth over the past 5 years as many companies have entered the arena to offer help to taxpayers impacted by a sharp increase in IRS tax compliance enforcement. But lately, many of these so-called tax resolution firms have been making headlines for misleading consumers with deceptive advertising and false claims that they can settle taxpayers’ debt for “pennies on the dollar.” Consequently, many firms have been exposed for taking advantage of people seeking tax relief services. For a fee, they promise to help taxpayers, but instead leave them with their original tax debt, plus additional interest and penalties.

So how do consumers choose from the large number of companies out there that offer tax relief assistance? And more importantly, how do they know they won’t end up getting ripped off?

Tax Help MD is committed to providing efficient, personalized tax service. We offer relevant, reliable information and effective, innovative solutions that keep pace with your changing needs. We are here to help you manage financial priorities, make the most of our tax services and maximize your growth potential.