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TAX Help MD has been helping many American taxpayers like you!

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Income Tax Experts

Our Income Tax Service Experts have the capacity and knowledge to solve your tax problems. No matter what the graveness of your tax situation is, our income tax experts deliver the best possible tax relief plan that you need.

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If you are facing tax problems, we are just a call away. We provide the best possible solution to all your tax problems. No other company gives this level of tax relief possibilities. Feel free to contact us on 888-632-4506

Tax Services

We offer a range of services to our valuable clients. We provide tax services such as stop Wage Garnishment, Payment Plans/Partial Pay IA, Release Bank Levies, File Delinquent Tax Returns, Penalty Abatement etc.

Your Cure for Tax Problems

We have been in this business for many years; our experts have the experience of solving cases of all kinds. Tax Help MD is there to solve all your problems.

Getting a headache thinking about back taxes?
tax help
We may be able to reduce the amount you owe and set up affordable monthly payments.

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Enforced Collections got you hanging by a thread?
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We can stop enforced collections and put those tax problems behind you for good!

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Losing sleep at night worrying about unfiled tax returns?

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Rest assured we’ll file you up to date and get the best solutions available.

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Tax problems weighing you down??

tax help
We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!

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    After you tie a knot with your loved one, and return back from an entertaining honeymoon, there are some important things which require…

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Our clients for us:

All my thanks to you all for the wonderful tax work. Well done.
All my thanks to you all for the wonderful tax work well done that confirmed again and trustful team built and operated under the leadership of a great Man. Dean, Thank you all, may God bless.
Abdoul Kaigama – Columbus, Ohio
Tax Help MD surpassed my expectations.
I experienced problems with paying my taxes in 2008-2010.  My income had become greatly reduced while my business expenses continued to climb. In 2011, I hired a highly rated tax attorney to assist me with getting a payment plan I could afford.  I spent thousands of dollars over nearly 2 years before a payment plan was approved by IRS that would have driven me out of business and into bankruptcy at age 63. Not wanting to give up, I then turned to a Florida firm called United Tax Group.  After almost another year and several thousand more dollars, United Tax Group went out of business.  I was seriously considering folding my business and filing bankruptcy.  I didn’t know how I was going to support my family. Shortly after United Tax Group closed their doors, I received a call from Tax Help MD saying they were willing to take my files and move forward with IRS on my behalf.  They only requested an updated set of financial statements.  A few short months later (April 2014), I received a letter from the IRS.  Much to my surprise, the decision was not for a reduced payment plan as I had hoped.  Thanks to Tax Help MD, my case had been closed and was considered “Currently Not Collectable”. I highly recommend to anyone in need of tax assistance to contact Tax Help MD immediately.  They greatly surpassed any and all of my expectations.  Take my word that going elsewhere could prove to be a very expensive and time consuming mistake.
Tom H. – Hampton Roads, Virginia
My monthly payments are something I can afford…
Tax Help MD is great. My thanks to all of you. I really needed your help. My monthly payments are something I can afford. Thanks again.
Dennis Oates, Charlston, West Virginia
Tax Help MD settled my tax problems quickly…
They are very trustworthy and have always taken care of my tax problems immediately and I am very satisfied with their service. I am a satisfied client of My Tax Help MD in Jupiter, Florida. I have been doing business with them when they first came into existence. I recommend this company to who ever needs help on their tax problems. They will always respond back to solve your problems. I am very well pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone.
Howard Cleveland – Mobile, Alabama
Just got my IRS agreement and I couldn’t be happier.
I needed an IRS agreement. I came to Tax Help MD when there was nowhere to turn. I had never filed returns and was assigned a IRS Agent that allowed me a little over a $100 a week to live on. I was desperate. Tax Help MD helped push my case through and made me feel like I was I was their most important client. They explained the way the case would be handled and what it would take to get it done. Theye even spoke with my boss to explain the solution to him. David Mead then took over my case and soon found that I had an especially nasty Revenue Officer who did not want to release anything. Dave pushed the IRS Agent back, filed all my missing returns and was able to release my wages so that I could live. He worked a miracle. I would recommend Tax Help MD to anyone and especially to other drivers. They care and work hard to get the best possible resolution for you. I could never be happier with the investment I made. I am now able to go on with life without fear of the IRS looming over my shoulder. Thanks Tax Help MD
Hilbert Saurbeir – Wisconsin
I Highly Recommend Tax Help MD to families with a tax burden.
I was worried and hopeful of someone to help me with my tax burden. The staff at Tax Help MD were just Great. They were very polite and had the knowledge and experience to solve my tax problems. I Highly Recommend Tax Help MD to help other families with their tax burden. Hope Dreyfuss was Awesome to work with. Thank You Tax Help MD !!
Hugh Bussard – Lake Suzy, Florida
Thank you very much Tax Help MD.
Daniel, thank you very much for your help and your excellent tax help.
Slobodan “George” Djordjevic – California
I’ve been absolutely astounded at the level of tax expertise and care.
In July of this year we were facing an IRS brick wall, we needed tax expertise. We had the last three years of taxes not submitted due to not having the money to get them completed, as well as owing over $14,000.00 in back taxes. The IRS was itching for our returns so we had to do something. So I called a spiritual friend and she suggested that I call “one of those tax negotiation firms”. She and I prayed for direction and favor and with a quickly beating heart and questions swarming around in my head I quickly got to work. Your company was the first call I made. While I explained my situation to your team member I experienced such a great peace and calmness, I knew that God had heard my prayer, sent me to the right place for help and that everything was going to be alright. From that very first call until now I’ve been absolutely astounded at the level of expertise, care and faithfulness you and the members of your team have shown us. Our results have been amazing! To date we have submitted the last three years of taxes and had $7,800.00 of back taxes removed. You volunteered to review our 2006 tax return and found an additional $2,000.00 of deductions and we are not even done yet! THANK YOU for sewing into my family’s life. My prayer now is that you will abundantly reap an overflowing harvest.
God Bless, Terri Vaughn, Georgia
Tax Help MD executed their strategic tax solutions…
Tax Help MD provided an excellent solution to my tax issues. They executed their strategic tax solutions for my tax situation at the tactical level in a very through and efficient manner. From the beginning, they established a friendly and reassuring atmosphere that made me feel comfortable and at ease. Their years of experience stood them in good stead to develop an excellent strategy to resolve my tax situation. The entire team was very accessible through the entire process. Because of my great experience and the excellent service that Tax Help MD has provided, I would highly recommend that anyone with tax problems large or small seek their sage advise.
James V. – Washington
You are the best for people who have tax troubles…
Tax Help MD, this is to inform you that you made a great connection in New York City. I reside in the bogey down, South Bronx and boy there are a lot of people here who have tax troubles. I am going to make it my business to refer your company to them. I feel like climbing on top of the Empire State Building with a bullhorn and tell New Yorkers in a very loud voice that you guys and gals are the best at what you do. You kept your word and I am going to keep mine. I just got my agreement from the IRS and I couldn’t be happier. You’re welcome to use my email or give anybody my phone number so that they can ask me about your service. I will definitely respond in a positive way…I can’t thank you enough you are in my prayers…I was so happy I even cried. Yeah men do cry, The Bible states Jesus cried. So I guess its ok for me to do the same…Once again thank you…
Miguel A. Colon – Bronx, New York
The transition from United Tax Group was very smooth… Thank you for all your help on such short notice. You made the transition from United Tax Group to your company very smooth for me and I appreciate it very much.
Denise M. Webb – California
Tax Help MD has been helping me for over a year with my tax issues. They continue to work with the IRS on my behalf to come to a comfortable settlement. They are very responsive when you call/email them with any questions. It makes me feel as if someone has my back on tax issues that I am not equipped to handle. They have gone above and beyond what my ordinary tax accountant has done for me in the past. I feel confident that they will continue to work with the IRS to help me resolve my tax issues.
Edna Giardina, West Palm Beach, FL
I met Dean in 2014, and he informed me that he would do certain things and he did them. I think as far as Tax Professionals he will give it to you straight no B.S. I am so happy that he is still doing my taxes to this day.
Terrell Page, Katy, TX
I am a client of Tax Help MD, they have helped me with my tax debt. I was a previous client of United Tax Group, and Tax Help MD has helped me without a doubt. I would recommend this business to anyone. The company is not expensive, and they will work with you if you are on fixed income like myself.
Michael Armour, Louisville, KY
I have talked to Dean and Tax Help MD several times. I have had him to take care of my problem With the IRS and I am very pleased with the outcome. I can't say enough how much I am pleased with the effort and outcome that I have received from Dean and Tax Help MD.. In my opinion they did a very good job for me and continue to do so. Thanks for all your HELP!!!
Dennis Oates, S. Charleston, WV
We can finally sleep nights thanks to Dean and his team at Tax Help MD. They are experienced and knowledgeable.
Cindy Mantell, Margate, FL
Ekaterina, Thank you so much for your help in this reevaluation of my tax payments. I have received a statement from the IRS stating that my payments are only $50 per month starting on 3/15/2016. You and Dean are wonderful people and should be proud of the work you do. This has been an awful year for me and my family loosing my youngest son and his family to a house fire. You and your company has shown there is still some good in this world. I can't thank you enough. God Bless you! Very Sincerely,
Doug Stephens

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